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Improve productivity and reduce costs by eliminating ineffeciencies in your processes. Learn how to incorporate lean principals using such tools such as value-stream mapping, pull, and supplier measurement and accountability systems. Apply lean principles to the inbound and outbound logistics network in order to reduce transportation and warehousing costs by as much as 25% and inventories at all levels by as much as 50%. You’ll also learn how to calculate, manage, and reduce the key metric of “total logistics costs.”


We will consult one-on-one with your designated personnel to gauge and plan how to best implement the LEAN approach into your enterprise. We can reduce waste and inefficiencies by analyzing processes and streamlining them, increasing your company's effectiveness.


We will conduct professional, fun, and highly beneficial training sessions with supplied reference material. These sessions can take place at your company, minimizing the time away from your business.



Government grants can significantly reduce your training and implementation costs!
Let us help you seek the assistance you need to maintain a competitive edge!

LEAN Services Offered:

  • Introduction to LEAN Concepts
  • Understanding and Implementing a 5S System
  • Standardized Work
  • Visual Controls
  • Plant Layout
  • Quick Changeover
  • Batch Reduction
  • Quality at the Source
  • Cellular Flow
  • Total ProductiveMaintenance
  • Point of Use
  • Pull/Kanban

All of these topics will be covered in the training. The appropriate approach for implementation will be determined based on the organization's specific processes..