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ISO 9001

The foundation upon which all others were built. Adherence to this standard is required for all government contracts, recognized world-wide, and used by any large corporation’s basic operational structure.

ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is the ISO 9000 for medical device manufacturers. This standard embraces the FDA’s medical device guidelines for: medical device, active medical device, active implanted medical device, sterile medical device, and more. A must for any medical device manufacturer!

ISO 14000

The ISO 14000 family for environmental management is among the most widely known standards. Control of your environment is key to ultimate product quality, whether it be a product or service. Contact us or visit the ISO link for a complete list.

AS 9100

Organizations decide to Implement AS 9100 and obtain registration because it assures Aerospace customers that the company has a good Quality Management System in place. Many, if not all, Aerospace organizations require their suppliers to have AS 9100 Registration. Don’t be left out!

AS 9110 & AS9120

The AS9100 Standard is for organizations that are FAA Certified Repair Stations or who perform overhaul and repair services for aircraft and aerospace components. The AS9120 is for distributors to the repair stations and manufacturers. Major Airlines and OEMS are driving these requirements and most are using only organizations that are registered to these standards. If your organization has decided become registered to AS 9110 or AS9120, you may want to contract our services. Don’t be left out!

ISO/TS 16949

Organizations decide to Implement TS 16949 and obtain registration because it assures customers that the company has a good Quality Management System in place. Many, if not all, Automotive organizations require their suppliers to have TS 16949 Registration. Don’t be left out!


Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes. A supplement to ISO or a good standalone system for peak quality performance.

Improve productivity and reduce costs by eliminating inefficiencies in your processes. Learn how to incorporate lean principals using such tools such as value-stream mapping, pull, and supplier measurement and accountability systems. Apply lean principles to the inbound and outbound logistics network in order to reduce transportation and warehousing costs by as much as 25% and inventories at all levels by as much as 50%. You’ll also learn how to calculate, manage, and reduce the key metric of “total logistics costs.


Six Sigma is used to determine the root cause of where and why there are bottle necks and inefficiencies in your process as well as how to eliminate the cause of defects that affect customers. Using data driven, statistical tools these programs will deliver real measurable improvements to your bottom line. Designed to provide the organization with ongoing ability to identify and solve the root cause of business problems and work towards eliminating every ounce of waste that can be found in an organization’s processes.

National Resource Center for Business National Resource Center for Business Consulting:
Having conducted registration audits for some of the well know registration companies, our consultants know what the registrars expect to see in a management system. We will consult one-on-one with your designated personnel to gauge and plan how to best implement management Systems that satisfy the requirements for ISO 9000 Standard


We will work with your team to design a custom management system that addresses your companies’ individual needs. Our proven, rapid approach gets your company going in weeks instead of months, ultimately minimizing the cost of your investment and use of your employee resources. National Resource Center for Business

We will conduct professional, fun, and highly beneficial training sessions with supplied reference material. These sessions can take place at your company, minimizing the time away from your business. Auditing:
Our Lead Auditors have extensive experience conducting actual registration audits for RABQSA Accredited Registrars. We will conduct pre-registration audits, Gap assessments, and readiness reviews ensuring you’re prepared for your Registration Audit. All of our auditors are RABQSA certified or AEA lead auditors with lifetimes of experience, bringing our knowledge to you.


We can assist with the selection of a Registrar qualified to your scope and conduct RABQSA certified registration and surveillance audits. Let us introduce your company to the world marketplace.

Government grants can significantly reduce your training and implementation costs! Let us help you seek the assistance you need to maintain a competitive edge!

Services Offered:

Grants can reduce these costs by as much as 75%

  • Public 3 Day Exemplar Global ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training cost – $1600 per person
  • On-Site 5 Day Exemplar Global Certified ISO 9000 & 14000 Lead Auditor Training cost -$7,500 plus travel
  • Public 2 Day Internal Auditing $350 per person, 10% discount for 2 or More employees
  • On-Site 2 Day Internal Auditing $2,300 for up to 20 employees
  • Public 3 Day Approved AS9100 training $550 per person 10% discount for 2 or More employees
  • On-Site 4 or 8 Hour Employee ISO Training (Great way to kick-off an ISO project or prepare for Registration.) Cost: $550 for each 4 hour
National Resource Center for Business

Four Hour on site ISO 9000 or 14000 Employee Overview

$1000 for up to 25 Participants.

Price includes handouts
($20 material charge for each additional participant)This course is recommended for businesses that need to train new employees or are implementing a new ISO 9000 compliant quality management system and need employee cooperation. Designed to eliminate employee’s misunderstanding and fears associated with ISO 9000 and obtain their buy-in. This overview will expose the employees to the requirements of the standard and the benefits of an ISO 9000 compliant quality management system.

National Resource Center for Business

It will engage employees in lively discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of an ISO 9000 compliant quality management system and the changes in their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Contact Us for more details. Space is sometimes limited and advanced reservations are required.

The ISO Organization
  • Process for developing an International Standard
  • ISO Hierarchy (Lead Auditor, Registrar & RAB Certified Training)
What is ISO 9000
  • Industry Specific Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction, Discipline & Demonstration
Benefits and Myths of ISO 9000
  • Cost savings, new market opportunities, improved processes
Eight Sections of the Standard
  • General Requirements, Management Responsibility, Human Resources, Product/Process Realization and Measurement & Improvement
Being Audited-Questions Asked by Auditors
  • Typical questions auditors ask employees
Content and Intent of the Standard
  • Explanation of the Shall Clauses in the Requirements Section